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Ginger extrac
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Ginger extrac

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Extract of ginger is recommended at catarrhal diseases: flu, cough, developments of stagnation in lungs, sinusitis, also well helps at a pharyngalgia, possesses expectorant action. Excellent medicine from a set of allergic and skin diseases, and also from bronchial asthma. Extract of ginger is effective and at different abdominal pains, at intestinal, renal, bilious gripes. It is used at a meteorism, for the termination of a diarrhea and for neutralization of harmful effects of animal poisons, it is also used at poisoning with mushrooms. Reduces amount of cholesterol in blood. Possesses an easy purgative. Reduces the pains caused by a disease of joints it is used at rheumatism, arthroses and arthritises, hypostases, stretchings, muscular pains. Is fine remedy for intellectual or physical fatigue which will help you to overcome stressful situations and to recover forces. It is used also at paralysis and jaundice. Stimulates work of a thyroid gland. Improves cerebral circulation, it strengthens vessels and improves learnability and memory, reduces arterial pressure, helps with treatment of atherosclerosis. Extract of Ginger is very effective in fight against aging of an organism, besides, it promotes increase of a potentiality, helps at treatment of infertility, raises a tone of a uterus and sexual excitement. It is effective against a "sea" illness (he removes not only nausea, but also dizziness, weakness), it is also applied to removal of symptoms of toxicosis during pregnancy. It is useful to apply to prevention of cancer and forming malignant tumors
Active ingredients:Ginger
Information is up-to-date: 10.01.2019
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